Does every woman flirt with him?  LOL He is so freaking cute who could resist :) LOL   She’s the reporter and she is flirting like crazy!  Check out that body language.   

Bobby exudes an animal magnetism that women find incredibly alluring and sexy. Men would give anything to be able to bottle Bobby’s pheromones

That shirt looks good on him too.

Not to mention those nice tight jeans. *fans self*

lol the whole outfit

JFC those jeans…..Bobby likes tight jeans, doesn’t he? That shirt.. drool, nice and tight, showing off his chest. Damn - I’m pretty much dying to see him bare-chested; I’d give ANYTHING for that, lol.

Aside from this, look at this bugger and his cock of the walk attitude: his head toss in the first one,  the way he holds his hands behind his back, his impish smile..and that WALK.  Bobby practically bounces along - and LOOK at the way he crosses one foot in front of the other. He KNOWS he’s hot stuff, holy cow

Those jeans……sorry, I can’t help it

I just love how shes like “oh look Bobby over there” and then just goanna really casually like slip my arm in to his. We all see what you did there, you aint fooling nobody

Bobby is as cool as a cucumber, lol - he almost expects it, lol.

I don’t care about her, honestly, lol….. I’m just focused on Bobby and his 3-D jeans, etc..

Where can one watch this??

I think it was the ‘Good Morning L.A.’ appearance? You could try searching that on YouTube.